Flights to Santarém Brazil

Santarém is a vibrant city located in the heart of Brazil, offering a perfect blend of natural wonders and cultural heritage. With its stunning Amazonian landscapes and rich history, Santarém is a destination that captures the essence of Brazil’s diverse beauty. Whether you’re interested in exploring the vast Amazon rainforest, experiencing indigenous cultures, or simply enjoying the laid-back atmosphere of a riverside city, Santarém has something for everyone. In this guide, we’ll explore how to find the best flights to Santarém Brazil and provide valuable tips to help you plan your journey within your budget.

Finding Flights to Santarém Brazil

When searching for flights to Santarem, it’s important to consider various factors to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey.

Start by comparing flight deals from different airlines to find the best fares at the cheapest month. Popular airlines flying to Santarém include LATAM Airlines, Gol, and Azul. Be flexible with your travel dates and consider booking in advance to secure the best prices. Additionally, it’s worth exploring the option of flying into Belém International Airport and then taking a connecting flight or bus to Santarém.

Best Time to Visit Santarém Brazil

Santarém experiences a tropical rainforest climate, with high temperatures and humidity throughout the year.

The dry season, from July to December, is generally considered the best time to visit Santarém, as rainfall is less frequent, and the weather is more pleasant. During this time, you can explore the lush landscapes, take boat trips along the Amazon River, and engage in outdoor activities with ease. However, even during the wet season, from January to June, Santarém retains its natural beauty and offers unique experiences, such as witnessing the breathtaking rainfall and the thriving wildlife.

Things to do in Santarém Brazil

  1. Explore the Meeting of the Waters: Witness the unique phenomenon where the Tapajós and Amazon rivers meet but flow side by side without mixing, creating a striking visual contrast.
  2. Visit Alter do Chão: Known as the “Caribbean of the Amazon,” this picturesque village features pristine white-sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, and lush surroundings. It’s an ideal spot for relaxation and water activities.
  3. Discover the Amazon Rainforest: Embark on guided tours to explore the vast and biodiverse Amazon rainforest, home to diverse wildlife, ancient trees, and indigenous communities.
  4. Experience the Indigenous Culture: Visit local communities, such as the Tapajós and Borari villages, to learn about their traditions, art, and way of life.
  5. Explore the Maica Lake: Take a boat tour to Maica Lake, a tranquil spot surrounded by dense rainforest. Enjoy fishing, birdwatching, and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.
Flights to Santarem Brazil
Alter do Chão (Image by alexaschmitz from Pixabay)

Witness the Spectacular “Meeting of the Waters” in Santarém

One of the unique aspects of Santarém is its location at the confluence of the Tapajós and Amazon rivers. This natural wonder creates the mesmerizing “Meeting of the Waters” phenomenon, where the clear blue waters of the Tapajós River and the muddy brown waters of the Amazon River flow alongside each other without mixing for several kilometers. This remarkable sight is a testament to the intricate balance of nature and showcases the awe-inspiring power of the Amazon River system.

Travel Tips for Santarém Brazil

  • Pack Light and Comfortable Clothing: Due to the warm and humid climate, it’s recommended to pack lightweight, breathable clothing, along with comfortable walking shoes for outdoor activities.
  • Protect Yourself from Mosquitoes: As Santarém is located in the Amazon region, it’s important to protect yourself from mosquitoes by using insect repellent, wearing long sleeves and pants, and staying in accommodations with screens or mosquito nets.
  • Respect Local Customs: When visiting indigenous communities or sacred sites, respect their customs and traditions. Seek permission before taking photographs and avoid touching or removing any artifacts.
  • Stay Hydrated: The Amazonian climate can be hot and humid, so it’s essential to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water and avoid excessive consumption of alcohol and caffeine.
  • Sample Local Cuisine: Santarém offers a variety of delicious Amazonian cuisine. Don’t miss the opportunity to taste local dishes, such as tacacá (a traditional soup), grilled fish, and exotic fruits.


Santarém Brazil is a captivating destination that combines natural beauty, cultural heritage, and the unique charm of the Amazon region. Whether you’re interested in exploring the stunning landscapes, immersing yourself in indigenous cultures, or simply enjoying the tranquility of the riverside city, Santarém offers a truly enriching travel experience. Book your flights to Santarém and get ready to embark on an adventure of a lifetime.

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Flights to Santarém Brazil
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